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Wound Exudate Management: Why It's Important and Strategies to Minimize Exudate Impact

It is estimated that 6.5 million patients suffer from chronic wounds in the United States, and $25 billion each year is spent treating wound complications.  

One key component to improving wound care outcomes and reducing overall cost of managing chronic wounds is through effectively managing exudate. Although exudate production is important for moist wound healing, excessive exudate can be detrimental to the healing process, cause patient discomfort, and be time-consuming for caregivers. This white paper discusses the challenges associated with exudate management, and discusses the benefits of using wound care products containing chitosan and dextranomer in treating wounds with excessive exudate. 

Wound Exudate Management

In this white paper, health care professionals will learn: 

  • The important role of wound exudate in healing, and identification of wound characteristics when excess exudate is a factor in wound healing delay
  • The damaging effects of excessive wound exudate on the wound bed, and strategies for managing heavily exuding wounds
  • The beneficial properties of wound care products containing chitosan and dextranomer, and how use of these products can support the effective management of exudate and promote wound healing  

This paper is generally written for wound care clinicians and purchasing directors with an interest in product solutions. This paper was developed by an independent third party and was written with nurses and physicians in mind as a key audience. 

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