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Pressure Ulcer Prevention: A Guide For People At Risk and Family Caregivers

Educating patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers (injuries) as well as their family caregivers is a critical component of prevention. 

That's why we created this reader-friendly handout for health care professionals like yourself to download and use in your practice. 

The handout is designed to provide your patients and their family caregivers with the basic, easy-to-understand information they need to apply best practices in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. 

This handout provides an overview of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, including:  

Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • The definition of pressure ulcers
  • How and where pressure ulcers commonly occur
  • Who is most at risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Strategies for you and your patients to create a pressure ulcer prevention plan 
  • Useful resources and tools to help support patients and caregivers in the prevention of pressure ulcers

Please feel free to print and provide this handout to your patients and their family members.