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Ostomy Management and Medical Adhesives

Improving Wear Time and Preventing Skin Complications Through Effective Appliance Application

Approximately 450,000 people in the United States have a stoma, with that number increasing by 13% each year. The challenge of ostomy management is only becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in hospital and long-term care facilities. Stomas have a major effect on the lives of patients, making it important to minimize the impact of ostomy appliances. This white paper discusses the challenges associated with the application and wear time of ostomy appliances. Without proper application and effective adhesion, there is greater risk of skin irritation and discomfort, time consuming reapplication and complications.

Ostomy Management and Medical Adhesives

In this white paper, health care professionals will learn: 

  • Factors that impact ostomy appliance wear time and common issues that result from inconsistent or unsecured devices 
  • The essential role of medical adhesives in the application of ostomy appliances and prevention complications including appliance leakage, skin irritation and infection 
  • How Hy-Tape, a leading medical adhesive with extended wear time, can support the safe, consistent securement of ostomy appliances, helping to reduce costs associated with ostomy management and benefiting patient quality of life

This paper is generally written for clinicians and purchasing directors with an interest in product solutions. This paper was developed by an independent third party and was written with nurses in mind as a key audience. 

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