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Dressing Securement Strategies and Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries:

Preventing Skin Tears and Other Complications Associated with Dressing Changes

Dressing securement is a critical component of wound healing and patient health. Improperly dressed wounds can cause medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI), such as skin tears and other complications, particularly in at risk patients and in challenging wound locations. MARSI may contribute to the need to manage additional wound or skin conditions, or delay closure of existing wounds.  

This paper discusses the role of effective dressing securement in reducing the risk of MARSI and related complications, and the benefits to patients, health care providers, and facilities by utilizing specially designed zinc oxide-based medical adhesive products as part of their dressing protocol.  

Dressing Securement Strategies and MARSI

In this white paper, health care professionals will learn:  

  • The common risk factors associated with MARSI, and related complications associated with skin injury due to compromised skin
  • The challenges associated with inadequately secured dressings, particularly in difficult to dress wound areas, and what health care providers can do to minimize complications such as skin tears 
  • The key properties of medical adhesive products, with strategies for selecting the appropriate medical adhesive product to meet the unique skin care challenges of the patient
  • How Hy-Tape's specially designed medical adhesive products can support effective dressing securement and reduce MARSI and other risk factors associated with medical adhesives This paper is generally written for wound care clinicians and purchasing directors with an interest in product solutions. This paper was developed by an independent third party and was written with nurses and in mind as a key audience. Sponsored by Hy-Tape International

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