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The 2017 WoundSource Wound Care Certifications Guide

The field of wound management is a rapidly growing area of patient care. Health care professionals are met with an increased need for wound care knowledge as the incidence of chronic wounds continues to rise with an aging patient population. Certification in wound care provides health care providers with advanced clinical knowledge and expertise in the field, promoting quality of care to patients, employers and colleagues. 

The 2017 WoundSource Wound Care Certifications Guide includes information on how to obtain certifications in wound management and related specialties through professional certifying bodies.  

Wound Care Certifications Guide

This resource provides key information to guide health care providers on their path to wound care certification, including:  

  • Available certifications from certifying bodies in wound management
  • Qualifications and requirements for each specialty certification
  • Exam preparation and test components
  • Certification fees and recertification requirements
  • Easy-access to additional resources from certifying bodies